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Welcome to PR Latitude


PR Latitude strives to serve, empower and enhance financial services firms of all sizes and in numerous specialties. We believe that many companies have the success stories worthy of consumer and media attention...they just need the right partner to implement a winning public relations campaign that will both brand and endorse their business.

From solo practitioners to developed organizations, there is no question that public perception is of the utmost importance to both Wall Street and Main Street financial firms. There is no time in history where these perceptions contribute more to a firm’s success. Many of today's largest and most well-known corporations were cultivated by positive third-party endorsements—the media and word of mouth. We know that a positive brand perception does not come from internal sources such as advertising or internal sales efforts—it comes public opinion.

PR Latitude provides scalable public relations services to fit the needs of all of our clients. Our ongoing consulting services, turnkey PR solutions and customized PR Road Map™ are designed to give any financial services firm the power to reach, motivate and move the public...your public...your future clients.